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Sharing Our Learning Adventure @ Castel Primary School

06 November

Forces in Action

Here is the video we watched in Science this afternoon which helped us learn about Forces.

02 October

Food Chains

Here is the video clip we watched this afternoon. It is a little reminder of how food chains work:

25 April

Work with Magnets

This afternoon, we did some work with magnets. The pupils loved it! Magnets are such funny little things!! We talked about the words attract and repel and the types of objects that are magnetic.
Take a look!

20 April

A visit from an architect!

This afternoon, Mr Barker came in to talk to us about materials. Mr Barker is an architect.

This was part of our Science topic. He told us all about the different materials that are used to make a building and the properties of them.

He brought in some materials for us to look at, too. It was a fantastic and very useful end to our topic.

Thank you, Mr Barker!

15 March

Science Experiment – Which Material Absorbs Water Best?

Yesterday, we did an experiment in Science to find out which material was best at absorbing water. We put 50ml of water in 4 saucers, placed the different materials in for 10 minutes each, then took them out and measured how much water was left in the saucer. We used a measuring cylinder to measure the water.
Can you remember which was best at absorbing water? And which was worst?

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