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24 May

New Olympic Events!

Here are some of our ideas for new Olympic sports:

24 May

Highlights Of Beijing Olympics 2008

The children are currently designing their own ‘new’ Olympic Event. We have studied what events were in the last Olympics and they have combined all sorts of different sports to make new ones!!
Here is a video with some of the sports from the Beijing Olympics. Their ideas will follow shortly…

23 May

Olympic Athlete Maths

We had a challenge this afternoon. We had to work out how much each Olympic Athlete was ‘worth’. I told the class that each letter in an athlete’s name was worth a value: for example A = £1, B = £2, C = £3.

I gave the children a list of famous Olympic athletes and told them to find out who was most expensive and who was cheapest!

They decided how to work the problem out themselves.
Check out the answers that they blogged in the comments section:

15 May

What Have You learnt So Far?

We are about half way through our Olympic Project. List 3 facts that you have learnt so far.

02 May

Greek Gods Research – Ancient Olympics

This morning, we did somre research on Ancient Greek Gods. This was to do with our project on the Olympics. We had found out that the Ancient Greeks started the Olympic Games because they thought it would please their gods. So, we wanted to find out who these gods were!

27 April

Our Own Olympic Logos

We started designing and drawing our own Olympic logos for London 2012 this afternoon. We studied previous Olympic logos first to see the sort of thing that has been designed for other Olympic Games.
We’ll display the finished logos next week.

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