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08 November

Letters of Persuasion

This morning, we finished our letters of persuasion. We have studied the style and language of persasive letters and then used what we had learnt to write one ourselves.

We discussed what sort of issues might make us want to write a letter of persuasion. We must say that the things the children have written about are MADE UP and NOT REAL! The school is NOT being closed, the French trip is NOT being cancelled, break time is NOT being scrapped! These are just things the children thought would inspire them to write a letter.

See what you think!

06 November

Guided Reading

This morning, we had another of our weekly Guided Reading sessions. We read in groups, discuss the text and then complete some activities linked to what we have read.
Today, we started reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. Take a look!

16 October

Guided Reading: New Book Covers

As a part of our Guided Reading session this morning, the children had to design a new front cover for their group books. Some groups are reading ‘Cal’s Log’ and another is reading ‘The Twelfth Floor Kids’.
We considered what makes a good front cover, what a front cover should achieve and how to make it interesting and attractive. We also thought about what information needs to go on a front cover.
Here’s what we came up with:

28 September

Character Descriptions

This morning, we spent some time working on writing an effective charcater descriptions. The class worked brilliantly and produced some outstanding work. Firstly, they brainstormed lots of ideas about the character’s appearance and personality. Then they produced some writing. There are some photos below and some recordings here too.

17 May

Our Finished London Leaflets

3PC today just about finished their London Tourist Attraction leaflets. They have researched and produced them completely on their own.

Take a look at the slideshow!

16 May

London Tourist Attraction Leaflets

This morning, we have spent a lot of time on researching and starting to create our leaflets advertising London. We used the laptops to find out about top tourist attractions and places of interest.

We then started writing and drawing our leaflets which tell people about all the fantastic things they could do in London whilst they are there for the Olympics 2012!

07 March

Legend Writing

Last week, we spent some time looking at ‘myth’ stories. This week we are focussing on ‘Legend’ stories. We have planned our own legends and are now starting to write them. We have written the openings so far. Here are some of them:

Ben”s Legend Opening (mp3)

Sydney”s Legend Opening (mp3)

Daniella”s Legend Opening (mp3)

Alex”s Legend Opening (mp3)

Connor”s Legend Opening (mp3)

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