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15 November

A First Effort at Stop Frame Animation

Here is one group’s practice effort at the animation. They leanrt a lot doing it and will put all these things into practice when they start their real film next week!

What do you think?

PIGGY from Mr Curtis on Vimeo.

14 November

Stop Frame Animation

This week, we had a practice session using the cameras and software for our stop frame animation module. We used very simple objects and ideas so we could get used to moving them a tiny bit at a time. We also realised that shadows and light play a big part in creating an effective film.

We shall be starting our proper animations next week!

Stop Frame Animation – Practice Session on PhotoPeach

31 October

Stop Frame Animation

We introduced this half term’s ICT project today. We will be designing and making our own stop-frame animation film. We looked at some simple examples from YouTube. Here are some of our favourites:

27 September

A Little Quadblogging Session…

This afternoon we spent a little time looking around the school blogs and also blogs from other schools that we are linked to through the Quadblogging system. We looked particularly at Spring Cottage Primary School in England.

This included discussions on what makes a sensible comment and the purpose of blogs, as well.

Blogging on PhotoPeach

22 May

A Glimpse Into Our IT Lesson

We did a bit more of our Email unit today, and also had a quick blogging session! We looked at our own class blog and other ones we are linked with around the world!
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21 February

3D Computer Modelling

This afternoon, we started a module using computer ‘modelling’. This means using a computer to do a job that would be too difficult or expensive to do in real life.
We were using a modelling program to help design different vehicles. We could experiment with different shapes, styles and colours of vehicles. We could see both a 2D and 3D view of what we were designing.

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