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01 February
19 January

Reading Log News Report

Check out this news report made for one of the reading log tasks:

Great effort!

17 January

Emotions in Writing

This morning, we have been looking at incorporating emotions within writing. To help with this, the pupils made a 10 second video clip which showed lots of emotions through body language and facial expressions. This will then be used as a writing stimulus to make sure pupils ‘show’ how characters are feeling and don’t just ‘tell’ the reader.

14 January

Character Description

05 January

Favourite Books

Here is the link to the questionnaire for Literacy today.

Here is the link for the padlet you will need.

Here is the link to some advice on how to write a story.

15 December

An Interesting Video…

I had a chat with Luca before about digging to the centre of the Earth (I don’t know why – it was just a random conversation…)
I’ve found this video which might be interesting!

15 December

Online Advent Calendars

6C, here is the link to your online advent calendars!

08 December

Visual Literacy: Spanish Lottery Advert

The pupils have been doing some work on this Spanish Lottery advert. They have studied the expressions of Justino and considered his feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Have a look and listen and see what you think!

Lucy G’s Video

Harvey’s Video

Lucy B’s Video

Max’s Video

Morgan’s Video

Georgina’s Video

Josh HR’s Video

Ellie’s Video

Tyla’s Video

Darcy’s Video

05 December

Refugee Information

Click on the links below for the refugee information:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

01 December
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