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08 January

Internet Safety – Phishing

Today, you worked through a program called Interland. This was all about staying safe online, focussing on ‘phishing’. In the comments box below, write 3 facts or pieces of information you found out by doing this work.


31 Responses to “Internet Safety – Phishing”

  1. Robert says:

    Do not click links because someone could be trying to rob you.
    Check the URE before you repli.

  2. Logan says:

    1. If you get a text from your bank it is probably going to be a Fake
    do not
    Click on any link s .

    2. Do not click on any link s because your phone or iPad cud get a virus.

    3. Do not put any of your information or passwords .

  3. Josh says:

    1. You should never give a password away.
    2. If you get a link be careful because it could be a virus.
    3. If someone asks you for your address don’t say a word and go tells parent.

  4. Millie says:

    I learnt that you shouldn’t post your emails to another person or they will
    shred a shod block it and you shod tell an adoptee.
    If something looks wired don’t rpliy.

  5. Emily says:

    Ava you spelt 2 words wrong next time if not sure ask a freind maybe.

  6. Max says:

    interland is great!
    1.phishing is a type of scam
    2.don’t share passwords to people you don’t
    3.if you have an email from the bank,do not
    click the link!

  7. Zac says:

    I learnt about when I’m older to not give my password to no-one.
    Interland is great.
    Check the email an see if it is any different to an exatly the same email.

  8. Phoebe says:

    1)If you get an Email it usually means it is
    fake because Bankers always phone.
    2)Always check the URL bar.
    3)I have learnt that there are lots of bad
    people who will send Emails to then steal money
    off you.

  9. Jakub says:

    1. check the url if it is real

    2. don’t click on links

    3. don’t post your information

  10. Seb says:

    On the internet if something pops up show an adult or block it.

    Don’t reply to somone you don’t no.

    Don’t give away passwords.

  11. Ava says:

    If a parson asks for persnal info egnor it.

    Dont share pitchers of family or frends

    Dont share password or enny info.

  12. Kenzey says:

    1.I have learnt that you should stay safe on the internet. You should not give out passwords.
    2.Also i have learnt to be careful with e-mails.
    3.Check your URL to make sure it’s the right person and be safe.
    3.Finally make sure to be safe.

  13. mollie says:

    1 If some one puts a link on don’t go on it.

    2 Don’t reply to people you don’t know.

    3 Don’t friend someone who’s a stranger.

  14. Jacob says:

    Look at the url .
    Dot click on links your not sure about.
    Do not send messages to somebody that you don’t know

  15. Freya says:

    1) Don’t reply to people you don’t know.
    2) If someone puts a link on don’t go on it.
    3) Don’t give your password to any body.
    4)If some one puts a picture on you don’t like t tell them to take it down.

  16. Eva says:

    1.phishing is a type of scam.
    2.always be alert for phishers they put up adverts but do not klick them tell
    an adult you trust. make sure you are actually getting emailed by your bank check that
    the bar at the top says hpps/green lock.

  17. Bobby says:

    This game is good for internet safety. If you receive a email that look dodgy, check the URL and see if it is any different to an exactly the same email. Check with an adult before clicking.

  18. Robert says:

    I liked the reality river because it tort me to check if a enamel is really or fake.
    And it has tort me how to now.

  19. Orla says:

    interland is a amazing.

    I learned how to be save on the internet and if you have a strange link from the bank do not press no bank dose that.

    Do not post anything without permission.

  20. Jessica says:

    You don’t agree to be friends with a stranger.
    Look at the url to make it safe it’s not a hacker.
    You should not share personal information.
    You should tell a trusted adult.

  21. Nell says:

    Interland is amazing
    I learnt to ignore pop ups and learnt answers to questions it’s really fun
    I also learnt don’t post personal information online.

  22. Joel says:

    I learnt that you shouldn’t trust people that you don’t no.Phishing is when some one is trying to steal money or phone’s.Don’t click on anything your not sure about.

  23. Luca says:

    1.I learnt to see if emails are fake or real.
    2.l know if somebody is being a robber or not.
    3.l know how to protect my bank account.
    4.Don’t go in links that you are not sure about.
    5.check the URL and see what it says.

  24. Robin says:

    1) I learnt people can put viruses by a link.
    2). You can tell fake bank links because banks don’t have links .
    3). There’s so many ways to get scammed .
    4) phishing is a thing.

  25. Chase says:

    I learnt that I should never add a person that I don’t know to my friends list
    because I don’t know if they are going to be mean to me and they might try and hack in my phone or my computer or my iPad.

  26. Emily says:

    Interland is amazing and I learnt that some texts are possible fake.
    That people could trick you on online banking.
    Always check the url incase its fake.

  27. Noah says:

    1. If something is too good to be true it is really phishing.
    2. If advert boxes keep popping up don’t click the link it’s phishing.
    3. If the bank emails you it’s phishing banks don’t email.

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