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20 October

Creative Writing

6C have done some creative writing trying to include many elements that we have worked on this half term. These include character description, setting description, using powerful, descriptive language and building tension.

Here are some examples:

Hannah’s Writing

Luca’s Writing

Toby’s Writing

Leah-Marie’s Writing

Sophie’s Writing

Joni’s Writing

Harvey’s Writing

Emily’s Writing


5 Responses to “Creative Writing”

  1. Harvey M says:

    Wow some great work I loved how neat Emily and Hannah’s work was. Some nice words used by Harvey E.G. Ferocious and Nervous. All the sentence starters used by everybody were amazing, well done.

  2. Leah-Marie says:

    Wow everyone what good work 6C have created all of them were amazing. I really liked all the information and there imagination. I did spot a couple of spelling mistakes in Sophie’s but apart from that everybody’s work was super

  3. John says:

    Good skills in your writing I like the bit when luca says her coat was as blue as the sea i also like the bit when says… Mythical,dark,forest.
    But my faviourite one was when Joni says her eamreld green eyes glitterd in the moonlight.

  4. Nicky says:

    Well done everyone brilliant work, wish I could write with such imagination. Well done all

  5. Hannah K says:

    Wow everyone what good imaginative thoughts you have! I really loved all of them. I loved the bit in Luca’s where he said her coat was as blue as the sea. I also liked the bit in Toby’s when he said buildings were standing on their last legs. However my favourite bit was when Leah-Marie said the crocked trees stood proudly over the girl. Well done everyone!

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