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11 October

Tension and Suspense Writing

This morning, we studied techniques to add tension and suspense to our creative writing. Here are some of our first efforts:

Joni’s Writing

Lucy B’s Writing

Tara’s Writing

Ben’s Writing

Olivia’s Writing


3 Responses to “Tension and Suspense Writing”

  1. Tara says:

    Joni I loved when you said “the wind howled passed his ears”. And “he felt the deep feel of anxiety creep up his back”. Ben I like how you said the date of when he went to this castle, I also like how you said “which was flaking away like old paint.Lucy I loved how you said at the start “I could feel a tingle in my spin as I was about to enter the terrifying building”, instead of using back you used spin which i liked. Olivia I liked how you said “shadows danced on the dust covered wall”. Well done.

  2. Georgina says:

    I loved that Joni I loved the deep feel of anxiety
    creep up my back. Olivia I loved the wind was HOWLING not just it was windy.I love all your descriptive words Ben. Brilliant! Amazing personification at the start Tara.Lucy B I love the simile my heart was beating as fast as a lion can run. Your writing was great.All of you.


  3. Miss Q says:

    Wow! I loved listening to these creepy paragraphs! My favourite parts were the scary metaphors like Joni saying that ‘fear danced’, Lucy saying ‘sweat tiptoed’ and Tara saying ‘worries walked’. I also liked the short sentences that made tension like when Ben built up the tension saying ‘this is not for the faint hearted’ and then the short sentence ‘He walked in.’ But my favourite part was Olivia saying the trees were ‘whispering secrets’ – so creepy! I think my Halloween will be extra spooky after listening to these and the music made it all the more creepy! Well done 6C! Miss Q

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