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23 May

Electricity: Circuits

Here are the links for part of today’s lesson:

Circuits Link 1

Circuits Link 2


4 Responses to “Electricity: Circuits”

  1. Taylor says:

    I liked how you could decide what you wanted the circuit to look and do as well as you could follow the questions and tasks which were confusing at times but also really fun.

  2. Tom Draper says:

    When we did circuits I loved it,because we got to play and make different types of circuits.Also we got to do games to help us.At the end we made a circuit and made it in are books but we did it with proper symbols.

  3. Declan Hamon says:

    I loved playing and experimenting around with
    the electrical circuits and making our own because i love science and especially playing around with circuits.

  4. Sam G says:

    I loved making circuits because it helps me understand how electricity works. It was also really fun because i liked making optical illusions with the motors.

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