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08 May

‘The Piano’ Creative Writing

Here are some of our efforts from last week when we did some creative writing linked to the animation ‘The Piano’.










6 Responses to “‘The Piano’ Creative Writing”

  1. Ollie Pilot-Legg says:

    Well done !!! you all were very creative with your videos.Good expressive language and that made me hooked in which was good .Next time maybe you could use more expressive language, but overall you all did very well keep up the good work!!!.

  2. Charlotte D says:

    I really enjoyed this task. I watched Ella’s and the words that she used suited the feeling and the emotions. If it was in time a bit more it would of been perfect! By Charlotte Duquemin

  3. Ella says:

    I liked this piece of work because you were able to show all your feelings and emotions in the variety of different scenes there were.Also there was a chance to be creative in the task and make a very different piece of work.

  4. Sophia says:

    Wow! i’m stunned at the fantastic work that Lilya has produced. The tone she is speaking in captures the mans mood fabulously. its emotive speech and language makes your video really come to life! its almost as if its your job!

  5. Charlie says:

    Wow,all of those are amazing.They had lots of feeling and a brilliant variety of sentences.I really enjoyed doing this work too and hope our class could do it again soon!:)

  6. Sam D says:

    This was really fun to do as you got to try and interpret what it would of felt like to be the man and then recording it with all the timings was hard but also fun.

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