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06 March

Advice to Felix – Once

Here are some persuasive letters we have written to the character Felix about whether he should run away from his orphanage.


4 Responses to “Advice to Felix – Once”

  1. Gaby says:

    I really liked all of the letters mainly because of the persuasive languish used like “it clear, can’t you see.” The one thing that I think should be different is that Felix is young so you shouldn’t just say things like “the Naitz will hunt you down and kill you, you will die.” Apart from that all the letters were amazing.

  2. Sophia says:

    When I listen to these audio recordings, i can really hear the voice of Zelda throughout. they all use “zelda” vocabulary such as “don’t you know anything?” and “your hat smells.” it made it much more interesting to read as the expression and tone in all of them is perfect. Well done to anyone who’s work is up here!

  3. Amara says:

    Well done to you all! You gave brilliant reasons to stay such as (staying) Mother Minka well look after you, school, education, carrots, jobs, lovely orphanage, food, water and much, much more. I agree with Charlotte, Jake, Max, Ella and Sophia that Felix should stay at his orphanage. very good work! Keep it up!

  4. ollie-pl says:

    Well done . All these were great although mine didn’t get picked it was still a fun piece of work to do.

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