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09 December

Writing Response: Visual Literacy

Please take some time to watch these videos and pupil-written narrations. Some are genuinely moving!

“Here comes another night of loneliness that slaps me round the face and leaves me in despair…”

“Loneliness always waits for me at the factory…”

Ella’s Video Narration

Ben’s Narration Video

Lilya’s Narration Video

Charlotte’s Video Narration

Charlie’s Video Narration

Sam’s Narration Video

Ewan’s Narration Video


6 Responses to “Writing Response: Visual Literacy”

  1. Declan H says:

    lilya that was stunning you put all of your emotion in to that piece of work. i can tell by how amazing that was that you had to put a lot of time planning and preparing for that.well done you did a realy good job on that.

  2. Charlotte Duquemin says:

    Welldone Charlie it was very touching. You did very Well but maybe you could of turned the music down a a bit. Bust the rest I am impressed with.

  3. Ben says:

    WOW !!!!! How many amazing diary entry’s can you get on one blog. They all were second to none. well done 6c

  4. Tom.D says:

    Wow Lilya that was amazing,you put lots of effort in planning and presenting timed it really well and you said it very clearly there are know bad things about it so well done.

  5. sophia says:

    Wow! Im really impressed at these diary entrys. there are all so moving, and really show off your emotive writing skills. Keep up the good work 6C!

  6. Amara Mountford says:

    Wow Lilya that was really good
    ⭐️That was really amazing because you put such time and effort into this piece of work.
    ⭐️You included lots of good sentences and so that was really good.
    I think that you could improve by putting some language into a big section where you didn’t speak
    Overall that was very good.
    From Ella and Amara

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