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08 December

Mannequin Challenge

Today, we watched the Spanish Lottery video to start our Visual Literacy unit. It is based around a man who works in a mannequin factory (see post below). Some fantastic writing will come out of this. However, we also took 2 minutes to have a go at the Mannequin Challenge. A few wobbles but a good first effort…

Mannequin Challenge – Dec '16 v.2 from Mr Curtis on Vimeo.


9 Responses to “Mannequin Challenge”

  1. Sophie B says:

    He mannequin challenge looked really hard but every body was really still and it looked really fun.

  2. Jake Mahy says:

    I think we did really well in the manikin challenge and it was so fun. but Charlotte moved her head in it.

  3. caitlyn says:

    it was fun and scary gladly no one moved otherwise it would of been messed up somehow i didn’t move
    when the camera came past i was really really

  4. Sam G says:

    This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! This is why I love Mr Curtis’s class! When you turned the camera round to me I was so close to moving my head and I knew if I did then it would ruin the whole mannequin challenge!
    I loved it 🙂

  5. caitlyn says:

    it was really fun and scary gladly no one moved otherwise it would be messed up i somehow i didn’t move i was very scared when the camera came near

  6. sophie says:

    It was really fun doing and its harder than it looks to stay still.I hope we do another one in PE or games

  7. Charlotte Duquemin says:

    So fun! I hope we do it again. but I move when you get to me 🙁 . it was also good that it joined inb with are lesson.

  8. George says:

    This was so fun, and it was a great first or second attempt. Like Mr. Curtis said, it had a few small blips in it but otherwise it was really good!

  9. Charlie says:

    I loved doing the mannequin challenge it was so fun but also hard.It was hard because you had to stay still for ages and it was fun because we got to see afterwards how we did! 🙂

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