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19 March

‘Once’ by Morris Gleitzman


We are currently reading and studying ‘Once’ by Morris Gleitzman. It is a brilliant book.

We have had many discussions and conversations about some of the issues raised in the novel. Your task, 6C, is to leave a comment on this post saying

a) what you have liked about the story most so far and

b) a fact you have learned from the story.

We will look at these comments and discuss them later in the week.


26 Responses to “‘Once’ by Morris Gleitzman”

  1. Oliver says:

    Hi mr c

    I really like the city bit because there is a lot of anion and tension.

    I learnt that nazis like killing Jews.

  2. Callan :] says:

    My Favorite part of the story is when felix is a bit innocent and he thought that the Nazis were coming to clean up the library and also hes addictive to books.

    I’ve learnt to never give up even if could cause death.

    Bye Mr C :]

  3. Sophie :) says:

    Hi Mr Curtis

    My favourite part of the story so far is when Felix meets Zelda and she thinks that her parents are alive but actually they are dead.
    I learnt that Nazis liked to kill people that were Jewish.

    Bye for now from Sophie 🙂

  4. Josh says:

    Dear mr c:)

    My favourite part of the story is when Felix saves Zelda from the burning house and she thinks her parents are alive but there achully dead.

  5. Ella Guille says:

    Also I liked where the German nazis caught Zelda and Felix!!!! 🙂 :p

  6. Arabella says:

    dear Mr Curtis 🙂

    A)favourite part in the story so far has been when Felix went to the house, and knocked but no one was home so he went in and took a slice of bread, so he wrote a note to say sorry for taking a bit of food out of there house, suddenly he can hear gunshots and he thinks that the family are hunting rabbits, so he follows the gunshots and finds a river, he stops there for a while and there was a gunshot and suddenly the water turnt red, he thought that it was the reflection of the sun, but actually what had happened was that the people were taken out of their house and being shot because they were Jewish (I know that because a couple of pages before it said that there was a Jewish flag flying.

    The second thing I liked was when Felix found a whole carrot in his soup he thinks it is a sign from his mum and dad that they are comings to get him from the orphanage, so he packed his bag and everything and was all exited. A few pages onwards it mentions that sister Elweria put the carrot in his soup because she felt sorry for him.

    B)A fact I have learnt from the story so far is that Felix Is very innocent in the first couple of chapters, then when he escaped the orphanage he knew something was going on and that he didn’t like the sound of it. Up to the last couple of pages we have read Felix has been a bit down in the dumps and when everyone wanted him to read a story from his notebook he would not.

    From Arrie 🙂

  7. Jim says:

    Hi Mr. Curtis

    At the moment, my favourite part in this great story is the part when Felix, the main character, finally understands that the Nazis want to kill the Jews because the sentence when he realises is very dramatic and it gave me suspense which is what I like in a book.

    As well as that, I learnt that during World War II the Nazis went and burnt all of the Jewish books so that no one else can be smarter than them.

    Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow at school.

    From Jim 🙂

  8. !Jules! says:

    Hello Mr Curtis

    My fave part of the story so far was when Felix and Zelda walk towards the city with the jews ; it was tense !

    A fact I have learnt is that the jews wear recognition armbands .

    From !Jules! [:-D

  9. Daniel says:

    Hey Mr.C

    The part of the story that I have liked most is when Felix follows the crowd to the city & the people get brutally killed:( .But that was sad so I feel bad for them.

    The fact I learnt was the Nazis striped Jewish people naked to humiliate them & make them feel vounrable.

  10. Izzy says:

    Hello Mr Curtis,

    I am really enjoying ‘once’ so far because some chapters or paragraphs leave you almost on a cliff hanger and then you just want to keep reading more!

    What I have liked best so far is when Felix escaped from the orphanage because it was really annoying that you didn’t know if he was going to get killed or not. I like it when it leaves you on an interesting part of the story and you just have to keep reading.

    What I have learnt…
    I have leant that a carrot is very appreciated when you don’t have much food or living a tough life in an orphanage. Finding something special must mean you are over the moon and so thankful . What we think might not be so important to us might mean something really special to them.

    From Izzy 🙂

  11. Millie says:

    Hi mr cutis

    What I loved about the book was when Felix saved Zelda from the burning building .it was so exiting !
    What I leant from the book was that Jewish people were shot no matter what age they were!

    And that was my comment as I didn’t have much time but I got this done!
    Bye from Millie

  12. Rachel says:

    Hi Mr Curtis

    My favorite part of the book was when Felix finally becomes less inocent and realizes what is acctually happening. Even though it is quite sad, I quite liked this part because Felix is learning that not everything is how he wants it to be.

    Also I learnt that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover because you might be totally wrong like Hitler judged the jews.

  13. Ella Guille says:

    Hi mr. Curtis ,

    I liked the bit of the story where Felix found Zelda and

    The thing I learn’t was where the Jewish people where the Star of David

    Thanks love the book so far bye 😉

  14. Reuben says:

    Hi Mr Curtis
    Sorry this a bit late
    My best part in the story so far is when he thinks librarians are coming in but the nazi’s are burning books.

    A fact I’ve learned is that the nazi men don’t want anyone smarter than them.

  15. Tayla says:

    Hello Mr.Curtis

    My favourte part so far reading Once is …

    When Felix saves a little girl called Zelda from a burning house. The reason that the house was burning was because the Nazis came and shot Zeldas mum and dad and then set the house on fire at the time Zelda was unconcious , it made me really sad and made me realised how lucky i am, As i was reading the chapter i was all teary because she was only 6 and her parents just died but she doesnt know this yet because Felix hasnt told her and she keeps wailing “I want my mummy and daddy” so its extremly sad.

    A fact i learnt reading Once was …

    That some Jewish people had the star of David on the front of their houses to show that they wear Jewish, so that the Nazis knew what houses had Jewish familys living in them. So that they didnt mistake a non-Jewish family living in that house.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    P.S : Smiley face 🙂

    P.P.S : See you at school cant wait to carry on reading Once Its an Amazing book some of the issues are so heartbreaking.

  16. Chaya says:

    Hello Mr Curtis

    My favourite part of the story was when Felix and Zelda got caught by the a Nazi. When Felix was walking in a crowd of people gathered by the Nazi’s, he asked a man,
    ‘Do you love reading books?’ but the man didn’t reply.

    Then, Felix realised it wasn’t the Jewish book sellers or the books the Nazi’s were after, it was the Jewish people they were after.

    The one thing I learnt was when they took them to the concentration camp and stripped them naked. I had thought they had just been killed.

    I can’t wait to read the rest of the story!

  17. Chaya says:

    Hello Mr Curtis

    My favourite thing so far was when Felix and Zelda got caught by a Nazi. When he was walking in the crowd of people the Nazis gathered up he asked a man if he loved books , but the man didn’t reply.Thats when Felix realises its not the Jewish booksellers or Jewish books they after. Its the Jewish people they after.

    That was my favourite bit because he has finally understood what is happening to Jewish people.

    The one thing I learnt was when the Nazis stripped the Jewish people to make them look embarassed. I thought the Nazis just killed all the Jewish and did not take them to a concentration camp or strip them naked.

    I can’t wait to read the rest of the book!

  18. Joshua mallett says:

    Hello Mr Curtis

    I have liked the book because when felix escaped from an orphanage. Jankiel has tried to stop him from going incase he gets killed by the german Nazi.

    A fact I have learnt is that ,poland have soup with a whole carrot that he think,s his mum and dad have given it to him but actully it was Mother Minka.

  19. Joshua mallettj says:

    Hello Mr Curtis

    I have liked the book because when Felix escaped from an orphanage in the mountains, Jankiel tried to stop him from. Leaving the orphanage incase the german Nazi tried to kill him.
    A fact I’ve learnt is that Poland has a whole carrot in the soup that he thinks his mum and dad have given him.

  20. Nathan says:

    Hi Mr Curtis

    My favourite part of the story so far is when Felix and Zelda are in the city. This is my favourite part because it gives a lot of detail about the city.

    I have learnt that Nazis wear armbands with the Nazi flag on it so they know who is who, and so they don’t shoot each other.

  21. Catherine says:

    Hi mr Curtis

    What I’ve liked about the book so far:
    I like the part when Felix saves Zelda from the burning house because I shows that he’s really kind to other peoples.
    What I have learnt from the novel:
    I have learnt that the nazis hated the Jews and wanted to get rid of them and the nazis didn’t want any one to get more smart than them.

    Bye Mr Curtis

  22. Molly says:

    Dear Mr.curtis
    The most favourite thing that has just happend was when Felix had just suddenly realised what the nazis where doing to the jews because he finally realised about the distruction going on in the outside world because when he was in the orphanage he did not learn much.In the book I learnt a lot but I never new that the nazis did not like Jewish people.


  23. charlie says:

    Hello Mr Curtis I like the part when he saves Zelda from the burning house and the first thing she dose is say his hat smells like pee.

    I learnt that most off the orphanages are really poor and don’t have very good food for the kids and them self.

  24. Zebedee says:

    Hi Mr Curtis,

    My favourite part is when Felix escapes from the orphanage and sees truck loads of naked Jews, which he thinks are farmers. I learnt that the Nazis strip Jews to make them feel embarrassed.

  25. Maddie says:

    What I have liked about the book so far:

    I like the fact that it is all based on the World War Two. And how the characters all have there own personalities. For intance Zelda, she has a moody amd stroppy attitude and Felix has quite a calm and caring personilty.

    A fact I have learned through the proscess of reading the book:

    I have learned that in Poland a whole carrot is like a million dollars to us for they can’t grow vegtables over there because of the weather (it isn’t the right sort they need)During world war twosome of the non Jewish people wanted to hand the Jews over to the nazis.

  26. Luke says:

    Hello Mr Curtis

    My favourite thing so far is when he escaped the orphanage and Jankiel tried to stop him. It was my favourite thing because he miss understood why Jankiel was trying to stop him.
    The thing I learnt was that the Jewish had to wear armbands with the star of David on it to show that they where Jewish
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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