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23 May

Olympic Athlete Maths

We had a challenge this afternoon. We had to work out how much each Olympic Athlete was ‘worth’. I told the class that each letter in an athlete’s name was worth a value: for example A = £1, B = £2, C = £3.

I gave the children a list of famous Olympic athletes and told them to find out who was most expensive and who was cheapest!

They decided how to work the problem out themselves.
Check out the answers that they blogged in the comments section:


13 Responses to “Olympic Athlete Maths”

  1. tia charle f corban says:

    I love your blog and you have the olympics on your blog it is fab blog and it is ded cool.

  2. Sydney says:

    Usian bolt costs 113 pounds.

  3. John says:

    Michael phelps cost’s £136

  4. Alex says:

    Hi mr C

    Edwin Moses costs £158.

    By By from Alex

  5. lola says:

    Steve redgrave is £151
    Nadia comaneci is £92

  6. John says:

    Kelly Holmes cost’s £137.

    by by

    From John

  7. Benjamin says:

    Steve redgrave = £151.

  8. connor says:

    HI MR C

    Kelly Holmes is £144

  9. ciaran says:

    Jesse Owen = £115.

  10. morgan says:

    Hi mr curtis

    I found out that carl lewis equels £91.

  11. lola says:

    Jesse Owens is £115.

  12. Alex says:

    Hi Mr C

    Daley thompson costs £167.

    By mr C


  13. Tarek says:

    Daley Thompson is £167.

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