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29 November

Calculator Maths

Here are the links for part of Wednesday’s Maths lesson:

Broken Calculator Task 1

Broken Calculator Task 2

Calculator Word Problems

24 November

De Putron Challenge Inter-Island Final

The De Putron Challenge Inter-Island Final is this morning and our Castel team is in it!

To watch a live stream of the event from 11:00am, click on this link here.

The password for the stream is ‘video’.

23 November

George’s Viola Composition

George is taking his grade 7 viola on Thursday. Here is one of his own compositions!

George's Viola Composition from Mr Curtis on Vimeo.

19 November

Pizza Making!

Assigned Pupils : 6C

17 November

Pizza Radio Adverts

AS part of their DT project on pizzas, the pupils have written and recorded radio adverts for their own brand! They are making the pizzas tomorrow…

Sophie T, Madison, Millie

Charlotte D, Sophia, Charlie K:

Sam, Sam and Declan:

Amara, Emma and Amy:

Ella, Rosie, Charlotte O:

Ben, Zak and Ruby:

17 November

‘Boy Overboard’ Response Writing

We are currently reading Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. In it, some of the characters are stuck on a refugee boat being transported to a different country. The pupils have written as one of the characters, either Jamal or Rashida, saying what their experiences have been like. Here are the audio recordings:

Charlie K

Sam D

George G

Sophia S

Ben S

Charlotte O

Tom D

Ella N

15 November

Angles Tutorial

If you are struggling with any of the angles work, take a look at this presentation to help you out.

Angles Tutorial Presentation

14 November

Science: Adaptation Padlets

Here are the videos for Science on Tuesday:

Camel adaptation video

Giraffe adaptation video

Brown Bear adaptation video

Here are the padlets for the Science lesson on Tuesday:

Padlet for camels

Padlet for giraffes

Padlet for bears

09 November

PSHE: Growth Mindset

6C, you will need this video for this afternoon’s PSHE lesson:

14 October

Aboriginal Art

Links for today’s lesson:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

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