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28 March

Photography Competition

Last week, Year 6 went to Saumarez Park to take their photographs. This week, they have edited and then uploaded them. Soon, Nick Despres the local photographer, will be coming back in to judge the competition.
In the meantime, take a look and see which photographs you like the best! There is a link to two folders: one for 6C and one for 6Q.

Link to 6C’s photographs

Link to 6Q’s photographs

22 March

Maths: 22.3.17

You will need these links for Maths today, Year 6.

Link to weight task here

Link to scales task here

16 March
14 March

Maths Extension Challenge

Cupcake Challenge link here.

06 March

Advice to Felix – Once

Here are some persuasive letters we have written to the character Felix about whether he should run away from his orphanage.

27 February

VCOP: 27.2.17

You will need this link here for today’s Literacy lesson.

16 February

6C’s Own ‘Fixed’ Fairy Tales!

Here are the first examples of our own ‘fixed’ fairy tales! They’ll be more tomorrow!

I think they are excellent – what do you think?

15 February

‘Fixed’ Fairy Tales

For Literacy today:

15 February


Think about our current Science topic – leave a comment on this post to explain what is happening here and why?

09 February

Cinderella v The Stepmother!

We are starting to look at fairy tales but from a differing perspective. Today we looked at Cinderella. Here are some interviews with both Cinderella and her step-mother. Who was telling the truth?

Ewan, Max and Jake

Charlotte, Sophia and Sophie

Ollie, George and Tom

Sam, Sam and Ben

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